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Vivid and sitriking signed and numbered fine art prints

Pixi art prints

Pixi art supplies striking and vivid art prints to gift shops and framers in the following print sizes -7x 5 inch 8 x 12 inch 12 x 16 inch These prints are on 130 g card--not paper printed to giclee quality in full colour. Over 100 images in the portfolio. Pixi art can supply prints in these sizes 7x5, 8x12 and 16 x12 inch. Very large scale prints also available - contact for details. They can be supplied as loose prints to mount and frame in a trade order or as mounted prints, mounted in an antique white mount to the 7x 5 size- ready to sell ready to frame -- trade order All individually signed prints are limited by number by the artist pixi supplies prints at good value prices The 7x 5 comes mounted to 8 x 10 .5 with a black card back in a cello bag - ready for sale or framing contact for details 0868346428

Mounted print